Edmund Chang

Art Direction (Graphic Designer) 

Achieving the Archives

A3 Poster (Promoting of Exhibition)

Singapore Graphic Archives

Authorship is a grimy subject. Should designers have a distinct signature in their works or should they be “objective” in serving their client’s needs? Achieving the Archives examines the relevance of graphic authorship in the professional practice of design. By taking on broader ideas of graphic authorship, this display underscores the significance of design in an authorial role of a designer while imploring designers to contemplate their role in the wider context of society.

Documenting in process

A3 Poster (Promoting of Exhibition)

To promote the display at SGA on graphic authorship, past materials
were dug from the archive and used to create some publicity posters. Original handouts designed by Gideon Kong (@kongwenda_), and printed
by Temporary Press (@temporarypress) were silkscreen printed.
This single-sheet two-page handout was initially conceived as a text supplement for an installation work shown at Fikra Graphic Design
Biennial 2018 in Sharjah, UAE.(@fikradesigns)

Chang Yong Jun, Edmund

Art Direction (Graphic Design)


Exhibition, Graphic Design, Installation, 2019